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Leading From The Boardroom
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We always write our newsletter articles based on questions raised by clients in recent weeks.  We’ve recently had 3 separate clients needing to work on how they talk about their Board in their Strategic Plan.  We thought it might be useful to show the kind of language we like to see early in the document, to show leadership from the boardroom.

“We recognise the importance of the role of the Board, not just in compliance and risk management, but also in strategy, performance oversight and culture.  Our Board has recently updated our Vision, Mission and Values, in consultation with staff and clients.  The Board Away Day included presentations on strategic options for the future, and the Board set clear boundaries for what we need to focus on in the next 3 years.  In defining our ethical framework and core values, the Board sets the tone for the behaviours needed to create the best culture for our organisation, and we will be reporting annually on our progress with shifting culture at all levels.

The annual Board Skills Audit clearly defined the emerging gaps in knowledge and experience to deliver our new strategic objectives.  We now have a very specific Recruitment Plan which will enable us to attract the most capable people from the right networks to further strengthen our leadership.

We have reviewed and revised our committee structure, having recognised that some of our committees were becoming too operational.  Our new Audit & Risk Committee and Nominations & Remuneration Committee will be focussing on Board level work, with clear Terms of Reference and accountability to the Board.

As members of the Leading Governance website we accessed a Governance Manual which we’ve recently published on our website.  It will provide a bespoke induction and reminder of all Board level policies and processes, including our new Board level review processes. (See more information about our Website Membership here.

Our Board truly leads by example, setting itself clear objectives each year to continue its learning and development journey, and to prompt everyone in our learning organisation to do the same.  We believe that delivers the best outcomes for the clients at the heart of our purpose.

Last and certainly not least, our Board has recently completed an exercise in Stakeholder Mapping – priorities have been set for engagement of Board members with clients and others, and a calendar of visits have been agreed, for Board members to engage with services and projects, and bring further learning back to the Boardroom.  All part of our goal – to be the best Leading Board we can be”!

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