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Board Member Induction Checklist


The purpose of this Board briefing is to help you consider what needs to be included in your induction programme. The checklist presented here is not exhaustive and should be augmented with your own organisation-specific elements.

What should be included in an induction and who is responsible for this?

The following table summarises what you might include in your induction programme for new board members.

Issue Activity With Whom When
Welcome Welcome and introduction to the board Chair At appointment

Explanation of function and services:

  • History of organisation
  • Vision and mission
  • Ethics, values, and philosophy
  • Board and committee structure
  • Departmental structure and hierarchy
  • Tour of site
  • Terminology, jargon and glossary of company-specific terms
Chair and CEO At appointment
  • Initial discussion re: contribution
  • Outline of appraisal / review process
  • Training needs analysis
Chair At appointment
Internal relationships Introduction to senior staff and outline of each functional area of the company Chair and CEO At appointment
Strategic planning
  • Give copy of strategic plan
  • Discuss strategic plan and progress
Chair and CEO At appointment

Provide policies and procedures:

  • Expenses
  • Conflict of interest
  • Risk policy
  • Code of conduct
  • Whistleblowing
  • Finance and audit
Chair and CEO At appointment

Give copies of relevant meeting notes:

  • Schedule of dates of board meetings
  • Give copy of last year’s board minutes
  • Give copy of board manual, including:
  • Constitution document
  • Pen portraits, photos and contact details of board and committee members
Chair and CEO At appointment
  • Give copy of annual report and accounts
  • Give copy of most recent budget report

Chair of Audit and Risk
Committee and Finance Officer

At appointment

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