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This review process works as a questionnaire, taking you through each of the carefully chosen questions about your view of the contribution of the Chair of your Board.  Its purpose is to support the Chair’s development in the role, and optimise the effectiveness of their boardroom leadership. The steps to use it are:

  1. Administration process – As a Board, agree which trusted colleague will receive everyone’s completed questionnaires – with the Chair Review process, this is usually the Senior Independent Director or the Vice Chair.  Some Boards use a trusted external adviser (eg) Leading Governance Ltd!  That person should be discreet (although responses will be anonymous when they arrive with them by email), capable of compiling a report for the Chair based on all the responses they receive, and able to deliver the feedback to the Chair in a sensitive and supportive way.
  2. Website membership – Log-in to the website if you’re already a member, or join up if you’re new to it.  Log-in details for one membership can be shared with all Board members (and senior managers if you choose), but must not be shared outside your organisation.
  3. Questionnaire – complete the questionnaire, which should only take around 30-40 minutes, and submit it by email to the person appointed by the Board to administer.  It’s important that everyone offers specific positive feedback, and constructive suggestions for further improvement.  Care should be taken not to criticise the Chair or any other individual.
  4. Report – the agreed administrator compiles a report for the Chair, and meets them to deliver the feedback in a sensitive and supportive way.


 *Please ensure that everyone is clear about the email address they need to send their responses to.  As a member of the Leading Governance website, you have unlimited use of the review tools within your organisation, so we strongly advise testing with your email to fully understand how the responses are delivered before sharing with all Board members. 

Leading Governance Ltd will not be responsible for incorrect responses sent. 

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A Chair Review refers to an evaluation or assessment of the performance and effectiveness of the chairperson in their role. It involves analysing their leadership skills, decision-making abilities, communication style, and overall management of the board or committee.

The purpose of a chair review is to assess the chairperson’s effectiveness in guiding and facilitating the board or committee’s work, ensuring productive meetings, fostering collaboration, and achieving the organisation’s goals. The review can help identify areas of strength and areas that may require improvement, and it may lead to recommendations for professional development or changes in the chairperson’s approach or responsibilities.

  1. Expertise in Governance: Governance specialists have in-depth knowledge and expertise in corporate governance principles and best practices. They understand the roles, responsibilities, and dynamics of board members, as well as the overall governance framework. This expertise enables them to assess your board’s performance effectively and provide valuable insights.

  2. Objectivity and Independence: An external governance specialist brings objectivity and independence to the review process. They are not directly involved in the board’s operations or influenced by internal biases. Their impartial perspective helps to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement within the board’s functioning.

  3. Comprehensive Evaluation: A 360° review conducted by a governance specialist ensures a thorough evaluation of the board’s performance. They can assess various aspects, including board composition, effectiveness of committees, decision-making processes, strategic planning, risk management, board dynamics, and adherence to regulatory requirements. 

  4. Benchmarking and Best Practices: Governance specialists possess knowledge of industry-specific governance standards and benchmarks. They can compare the board’s practices with recognized best practices and industry norms. This benchmarking allows boards to identify gaps, learn from other organizations, and implement improvements to enhance their governance performance.

  5. Confidentiality and Trust: A governance specialist maintains confidentiality throughout the review process. Board members can openly share their perspectives, concerns, and challenges without fear of reprisal. This confidentiality fosters trust and encourages board members to provide honest feedback, facilitating a more accurate assessment.

  6. Recommendations for Improvement: Based on their assessment, a governance specialist can provide actionable recommendations for enhancing board effectiveness. These recommendations may include suggestions for board composition, committee structure, board processes, training and development opportunities for board members, and governance policies and procedures. These insights help the board to make informed decisions and drive positive change.

  7. External Perception and Reputation: An effective board is crucial for maintaining a positive external perception and reputation of an organization. By engaging a governance specialist, the board demonstrates its commitment to good governance practices, transparency, and accountability. This external validation enhances stakeholder confidence, investor trust, and overall reputation.

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