Board Member Review

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The aim of a board member review is to assist board members to realise their full potential as directors. This in turn strengthens the organisation. Board member review should be a regular and systematic process and this board briefing will help explain why it is necessary and what should be considered when conducting reviews.

Who should carry out board member reviews?

Board member reviews should be conducted by the chair where possible. If the chair is unable to carry out the review, a relevant committee chair who is familiar with the work of the board member should be involved.

What does a board member review involve?

A board member review is a discussion about how that member’s skills are being used to govern and promote the success of the organisation. Any training and development needs should be identified. Its aim is to help the board member develop in their board role.

How might the board member review discussion be framed?

In preparation for the review meeting, both the chair and the board member should consider the contribution of the board member in light of the role description. The following key areas should be considered:

  • What the board member does (as reflected in the board member role description)
  • How much they contribute, including attendance levels at board and committee meetings
  • How the board member works within the agreed values and code of conduct of the board
  • The relevant competencies such as:
    • Commitment to the role – being prepared for and attending meetings and events
    • Giving strategic direction to the organisation
    • Contributing to the team – relationships with other board members, staff and stakeholders
    • Challenging and analysing information and making decisions
    • Learning and self-development – taking responsibility to further develop as a board member

The board member review form may help serve as a starting point for this discussion and self assessment in advance by the board member is useful.

How often should board member reviews be carried out?

Board member reviews should be carried out at least annually. It is also advisable to carry out an informal review meeting to ensure that action points arising from the review are being progressed.

Further information

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