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Leading Governance Model

The Leading Governance model is an innovative framework to help your organisation focus on getting the right people, doing the right things, using the right tools, to get the right results.







An effective board has the right people in the boardroom, with all the skills, knowledge, experience, attitudes and networks needed to drive the agreed priorities.  It works well as a team, and provides leadership to all the people in an organisation. The Leading Governance website has all the tools you need to identify which skills you need in your boardroom, develop appropriate roles descriptions for board members and office bearers, and recruit the right people for your board.




The board is responsible for developing the strategic vision for the organisation. They must ensure that it is communicated appropriately with all key stakeholders, including members /shareholders and staff.





The board should ensure that relevant policies and procedures are in place and are being followed to keep the organisation safe and legal.  There should be clear processes for ensuring that the board agenda is focusing energy on the right issues at the right time, that the right questions are being asked, and the right decisions made.




The board is responsible for monitoring the performance of the organisation, and challenging management to ensure the company is operating within the law, its objects and for the benefit of its members / shareholders. In addition, the board should regularly review its own performance, and that of its committees and members, to ensure it is contributing to the advancement of the organisation. Our website has a full suite of guides and templates to help you undertake your own board reviews.