Soundbite Webinars for short sharp Board Development Workshops

In response to demand from clients, we have been running open ‘soundbite webinars’ on Zoom, which have attracted Board members from a very wide range of organisations.  We’re also now being asked to deliver these for individual Boards – a one-hour learning experience at the beginning of a Board meeting (as an induction or as a reminder for experienced Board members).  Topics we’ve been running so far have been:

  1. Welcome to the Boardroom – A practical guide to legal duties, roles and responsibilities of Board Members
  2. Board Effectiveness – What it is and how to achieve it
  3. The Governance Manual – an essential resource of practical tools
  4. Conformance and Performance – getting the balance right
  5. Risk Management in the 21st century – the role of the Board

If you feel your Board could benefit from this short, sharp prompt, please contact us at